Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Smidgeshots - 6 - Photoshop

Well, it's happened; I've discovered the power of photoshop. I've a long way to go yet, but here is an example of what happens you let me play around with editing software. Enjoy.*

*I by no means think these are the best snaps I will ever take, in fact I'd like to look back on these in a year and cringe. Onwards and upwards!


Upped the contrast in this one to show those extra dark blacks. Also, the slow shutter speed makes the water look loverly and misty, don't you think?


Reducing the lightness and again playing with contrast brought out the flare in what was otherwise a boring photo.


Not the biggest fan of landscapes, but here I played with exposure levels to get those dark clouds in at the top.

Purple Grace

The heading says it all, really. Upped the saturation and what not, it helped that the lighting down the alley was already purple...

Bridge 2 

Again a high contrast to get those darks under the bridge, helping the bright lights atop stand out.

Street Phone

Here I added a filter; film grain. It's a little like cheating, but the effect is pretty cool. I heightened the highlights too, making it really effective. Nice, no?

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