Friday, 31 May 2013

Smidgeshots - 10 - Evening Sun

Is there any time of day more pleasant than the hour leading up to, and the hour of, the sunset? Especially for photography. It gives everything a nice glow to it. If taken right you can backlight your subjects, making them  pop out from the photo and, of course, look marvelous. A simple walk to Mardyke House in the City of Cork produced these beauties. Hope you enjoy.

Tree Veins:

It might be a bit early for Autumn Leaves but this tree looks amazing intersected with the dark branches.

Flower, Pretty Flower.

Pity this bugger was in the shade, if it had been lit by the setting sun it could have been brilliant, instead it is refined to the not-so-great "decent" status. Just goes to remind how important light is...

Macro Flower, Pretty Macro Flower.

 This one's a bit better, though I don't have a proper Macro lens... Still, this is a decent job of it!


 I just love the contrast here. Finding these little details make the hayfever worth it.

Enter the Wind Tunnel:

I think this shot has a striking look about it. It's like the center is enticing me in... "Leading lines" are used in the profession to draw you in, I suppose here the outlines of the leaves has a similar effect.


"I climbed a tree, to see the world..." so go the lyrics to a great song Home by the Cinematic Orchestra. Here, however, the world is dwarfed the the majesty of this trunk! Lead the way, tree!

On Trees...

While we're discussing trees... the outline of the tree here is brilliant, if I do say so myself. More of those Leading Lines created by the water and the riverbank to the right bringing up in towards the photo. If only the sun had been nestled by the far trees...

Shine Forth!

 And speaking of nestled suns... What a great shot! Ok, so I fiddled with photoshop to really bring out those colours a bit more but I mean come on, how worth it is it?

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