Saturday, 11 May 2013

Smidgeshots - 8 - A Night-time Adventure

Cork's Landscape

Quite a nice shot of Cork from above. It was quite the trek up Blarney Street to find this view. The long shutter speed gives the night sky that deep blue but it did make Finbar's church look a bit swamped in yellow... still, it's all about the learning curve.

Flower, Pretty Flower

It's amazing what happens to simple, everyday things, when the night falls. These leaves look great with just a few drops of rain and some streetlamp yellow bathing them.

City Hall

What a view! The home of the Mayor, the centre of municipal Cork, looks fantastic here, with a nice red car line to boot!

Rain Tracks

Another everyday object, this time a car, transformed by a few key changes. The lines of rain glisten while the DoF helps to focus the shot. Gotta say, I'm mighty proud of this one!

Follow the Rail

If you didn't know this was a bridge you almost wouldn't be able to figure it out! There's something about a straight line which really helps to make a good photo great!

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