Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Smidgshots - 18 - The Bouncy Ball

Three hours past midnight, two packets of Aero Bubbles and one glass of 7-Up. No, this isn't how best to make your Furbie turn full monster, this is the setting behind my new short, "The Bouncy Ball."

You see, something strange happens to us after midnight. Like the Furbies, we lose our inhibitions, we act in ways we wouldn't during daylight - Just ask the five lads who were arrested outside my door for jumping on cars, drinking vodka and smoking weed.

Whatever it is that possesses us during the small hours it makes art thrive. At least for me. Maybe you're a morning person. I like to call them The Insane.

Anyway, filmed at three, edited at four, uploaded by five. Here's my short short, "The Bouncy Ball."


P.S. Why am I putting this on my Smidgeshots? One - To remember where it is. Two - Because my camera is about more than just photos, it's about taking lots of photos and stringing them together, bundling it with audio and calling it a movie.

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