Sunday, 19 January 2014

SmidgeShots - 19 - Limerick City

Long time, no photos. Terribly sorry. Today, I went out with my friend's Nikon D40. Took a bit of getting used to, but here are the results.


Tree Limb

Something nice about the way the branches diverge that way, almost like veins.

City with a View

Another look at those wonderful, wintry trees. You can see the Clarion in the background, too. Some nice cloud movements happening up top.

Knock, knock.

Love how this looks. The slightly bowed head, the imposing stature and size of the thick wooden doors. It's just so easy to see how a cathedral like thought would have inspired awe and fear in equal measure.

Get a Grip

This is the handle to the church door above. Beautiful metal-working, it looks like it's giving a wry smile.

Cracks in the Tomb

The rain striking an old tomb. This one is a couple hundred years old, now. And yet it keeps going, keeps lasting, rain, cracks and all.

Seagulls, Unite!

What a shot. Seagulls are so much fun to photograph. They always look like they're scheming.


Perfect moment in time. This little blackbird is watching his cousin, a seagull. I wonder what he's thinking.

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