Saturday, 8 June 2013

Smidgeshots - 12 - Grain

Often I take a photo which is nice but boring. Sometimes I edit these photos and they become boring and bad. Every once in awhile I edit them and the boring part goes away, though as to the good and the bad I cannot say. Photoshop has a great grain effect which, when played around with for a while, helped to create these shots. Now I'm not saying they're good or bad, that is for you to decide. But they sure as hell aren't boring.


Andy described the pole with the sun at the top as Gandalf's staff. Now though it's lost that quality, instead imbued with an old timey feel to it.


Between the yellow lines and the ivy on the walls I feel like this is the opening shot to a haunted house.


This is like something you'd pull out of your grandfathers old suitcase he keeps in the attic and when you ask about it he flips out, throws a vase at you and mutters about camps and numbers and hell.


I actually didn't add any grain to this as I feel like it would have detracted from the idea. David and Andy walking away here is so... I don't know... emotional, almost. I left a little bit of blue in Andy's shirt and I feel like it adds this weight to the image. They walk, david slightly ahead as though annoyed or too caught in his own head to talk, towards the end of the bridge. And what awaits them? We cannot see if this bridge goes to a happy place, if it leads to their end, if it ends at all. And, based on this shot alone, we may never know.

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