Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Smidgeshots - 14 - Rainy Night

First things first, you may notice a fancy little logo at the bottom right of my pictures. That is the new addition I will putting on all photos online. Just one little security measure I guess. And it was fun to paint light ^^ Now then, onto the photos themselves. There's nothing nicer than raindrops in a photo and bevlieve me there's no shortage to rain drops here.

Come Sit on My Bench

Blurred rain is one of my all time favourite things to photograph. Those little yellow dots remind me of magic, as though they're sprinklings of fairy dust.

Or In My Car?

It's always good to have something to focus on, whether it's in the foreground or the background. Here, the car is blurred, so we see it, but we don't take too much notice of it. This is good as our eyes are then naturally drawn to the droplets on the glass. Had there been no car there may not have been such a good contrast and the photo may not have been quite as gripping.

Or On My Bike?

Here I am working on the concept of lines. The first seat is out starting point and then it beams in towards our last. If you drew connecting lines they would converge at the end of the page like railway tracks, naturally edging our eyes up the photo.

Fancy A Spin?

I stood for quite a long time in the rain to get this shot. I love how the light plays and intertwines with itself, the whites dissecting the reds, turning to yellows.

Time for a Photo?

Aside from the blurred face and hands this is a pretty good shot. Andy looks very professional and the hexagonal dot on my lens adds a sort of artistic valor to the piece.

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