Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Smidgeshots - 13 - Shadow Play Excerpt One

I recently came into possession of a lamp. One of those ones with the long, movable neck and the large bulb; like the Pixar mascot. Anyway, these bulbs give off a very yellow tungsten glow which is normally not what you want in a photo. However, slap up a bit of grease proof paper and you have yourself a shadow art frame. Here are some excerpts from my upcoming artsy attempt: Shadow Play.


My housemate Stephen is looking suave with the mic beside him. No, he doesn't croon, but he will speak in a devilish manner if you ask him nicely.


Remember being a kid and making shadows on the wall? Well, I used to do that a lot and now I have the capacity to capture these little imaginations like never before.


 This one really tickled my fancy. The trick is - well, I can't give it away as I'm not sure how Stephen did it! But the effect is pretty cool!


Scrunch up a sheet of paper, poke a few holes in it and what do you get? Some kind of tribal man with his head on fire! Now that's what I call art.


 I have a few ideas expanding on the "Person behind the Paper" idea and this was a trial run. Expect more like this over the next few weeks.

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